Business fields

Automobile Manufacturing

JMFI has 7 industry companies that mainly engage in foundry machinery ;metalforming machinery (such as CNC laser processing machinery, plate processing production line, special and general mechanical press, etc. ); new technology and new product development, design and manufacturing of hydraulic components and systems.

Its products are widely used in automobile manufacturing. The Automatic Air-flow High-pressure Squeeze Moulding Production Line, sand preparation equipment, complete set of cold-box core-making equipment, low pressure Die casting machine, JCL hot-rolled uncoiling & Leveling Cut-to-Length line, JSL hot-rolled uncoiling Slitting Line, ZSL hot-rolled uncoiling & tracing shearing (mode flying shearing) production line, JCL cold-rolled uncoiling & Leveling Cut-to-Length line, RS uncoiling & Leveling & fly shearing production line, CPL uncoiling & blanking line, PFL uncoiling & swing shearing production line, JSL cold-rolled uncoiling Slitting Line,, GSL high speed uncoiling slitting line, D46 2-rolls cross wedge rolling mill, CNC Punching installations for truck beam, CNC Bending line for truck beam, CL series CO2 CNC laser cutting machines, CNC turret punch presses, CNC bending machines, CNC shearing machines, etc provide comprehensive solutions for the automotive field.