Business fields

Electrical Power

The Company aims to develop complete sets of high-end casting machinery equipment that are high-end and highly reliable and provided in complete line and complete set and pursues high efficiency from a high starting point with the aim of achieving high standard. It has cumulatively completed more than 3200 state, provincial and municipal scientific-technological projects, including over 1600 scientific research and new product development projects, over 160 state approved patents and over 180 achievements wining state and provincial awards for scientific and technological advancement and invention awards.

FL series CNC fiber laser cutting machines, CNC turret punch presses, CNC bending machines, CNC plate shearing machines, proportion servo control systems and two-way cartridge valve series provide various solutions for the power electric field. The products are deeply trusted by the users in various domestic industries by virtue of their high technological level, advanced performance, reliable operation and elegant appearance.