Business fields

New Energy

JFMI has been making efforts to make technical innovations and breakthroughs in the new energy filed and to provide high-end supporting equipment for technological products in this filed by dint of its unique technical advantages and internationally and domestically advanced technological advantages.

Its JCL cold-rolled uncoiling & Leveling Cut-to-Length line, RS uncoiling & Leveling & fly shearing production line, CPL uncoiling & blanking line, PFL uncoiling & swing shearing production line, JSL cold-rolled uncoiling Slitting Line, GSL high-speed uncoiling & Slitting line, 3D laser cutting machines, CNC turret punch presses, CNC bending machines, CNC shearing machines and other products provide comprehensive solutions for the new energy field. The 3D laser cutting machines are widely applied in the metal cutting of three dimensional covering parts used for new energy vehicles, trucks, etc.