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JFMI’s Proposal to Apply for Establishment of ISO Foundry Machinery Technical Committee Has Been Approved

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     The proposal to apply for establishment of ISO Foundry Machinery Technical Committee was submitted to the ISO Secretariat formally by Standardization Administration of The People’s Republic of China on December 1, 2015. The ISO Secretariat made China’s proposal open to all member countries of ISO as per the working procedure of ISO for voting. This proposal passed the first round of voting of all members of ISO and was approved at the 66th meeting of ISO Technical Authority held in Geneva on June 15 to 16, 2016. At the meeting, establishment of ISO Foundry Machinery Technical Committee was approved and number of Technical Committee was approved as ISO/TC306. Working scopes of ISO/TC306 involve standardization of foundry machinery and its corollary equipment. The secretariat is established in JFMI. ISO Foundry Machinery Technical Committee is the first ISO Technical Committee of host machine industry proposed independently by and whose secretariat is undertaken by China and is also the first ISO/TC of Sinomach till now.

  The foundry machinery is the basic equipment of the equipment manufacturing industry and is widely used in various fields of equipment manufacturing industry. In recent years, foundry machinery in China has made a great progress and a remarkable progress, and China’s international status and international influences have been enhanced increasingly, thus China has become a strong country in terms of foundry machinery. After development of recent years, the whole level of China’s foundry machinery has made more progresses, especially in these aspects including die casting machine, molding and core making equipment and shot blasting equipment etc., China’s level has achieved and been close to the advanced level of the foreign countries with the advanced industry and products have been exported to the European and American countries and Japan where the industrial level is advanced. However, the international trade and technical cooperation of the foundry machinery have been affected because there is not any corresponding international standard in China. The working environment of the foundry machinery is in the state of high temperature, high voltage and high speed in general, so it will pose a great threat to operators. Thus, the foundry machinery belongs to the more dangerous machinery. The relevant international standards are also demanded in order to guarantee life safety of employees. In the meanwhile, in the process of production, the foundry machinery consumes a large amount of resources and energy sources and discharges a lot of pollutants, which can cause personal injuries and destroy environment. Thus, in order to save energy sources, protect environment and personal and property safety and maintain the sustainable development of economy, formulation of relevant international standards is very necessary.

  As the responsible unit of the industry, JFMI proposed the proposal to establish ISO Foundry Machinery Technical Committee to the Standardization Administration of The People’s Republic of China and gained the strong support of the Standardization Administration of The People’s Republic of China.

  Leaders of JFMI attached great importance to the declaration work and established the declaration work group led by Zhang Bo, President of JFMI. The work group has done a lot of preparation work and visited some domestic units undertaking the ISO Secretariat successively, thus having realized the declaration procedures and working contents of ISO/TC initially and thereby laying a foundation for carrying out the next-step work. In the meantime, JFMI has gone abroad to communicate with more than ten countries including Germany, British, Japan, Republic of Korea, India and Bulgaria etc. and World Foundry Organization and other organizations and report China’s proposal to them. These countries and organizations have given positive responses to China’s proposal and all of them approved China’s proposal.

  Approval of ISO/TC306 indicates that the international status of China’s foundry machinery obtains the approval from the same industry in foreign countries. It creates the work platform for China to carry out the international standardization activities of the foundry machinery and plays a positive in improving the whole level of China’s foundry machinery, increasing international competitiveness of China’s foundry machinery, promoting China to participate in the international standardization activities substantially, closely following and getting involved in formulation and revision work of international standards in advance, enlarging export of China’s foundry machinery and enhancing right of speech of China’s foundry machinery in the international standardization.

  According to deployment of Standardization Administration of The People’s Republic of China, in the next step, JFMI will hurry up to submit the candidates of chairman and secretary, collect proposals, propose the strategic business plan of this Committee, determine the working scopes and working plans and hurry up to prepare the Founding Meeting and the Opening Meeting. 


  (Correspondent: Lu Jun)