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XuJian, General Manager of Sinomach, Carries out Investigation and Guides the Reform Work

Pubtime:2017-01-03 BigMiddleSmall

  On September 26 to 28, XuJian, General Manager of Sinomach, led into a line to carry out investigation and guide the reform work in JFMI, accompanied by Ding Hongxiang, Deputy General Manager of Sinomach, and other related department head.

  During the investigation, General Manager XuJian and Deputy General Manager Ding Hongxiang personal talked with leading cadre above middle-level of company, listened to their opinions and suggestions that the current situation, the major problems existing and the next reform development that the company are facing with.

  After that, General Manager XuJian chaired the second meeting of the leading group of reform of JFMI. Zhang Bo, Chairman of the Board of JFMI on behalf of the management team, reported the relevant situation of “JFMI Reform Implementation Plan as a Whole”. Ding Hongxiang, Deputy General Manager of Sinomachsummarized from unifying the understanding, seizing the opportunity, refining the measure, required JFMI further refine the plan measures and control the risk practically. For the plan, department lead participated, put forward the modification opinion and suggestion from strategic positioning, supervision and control of funds, scientific research funds management, system and mechanism, risk management and control, and so on.

  XuJian, General Manager of Sinomach, did conclusively remarks and put forward job requirements for the situation of communication and reform plan enacted. General Manager XuJian said that Sinomach will attach great importance to the JFMI’s reform work, for the three problems of management and strategy, operation, product existing in the enterprise, leadership of JFMI will further research and argue business adjustment and reform plan, pay special attention to the six important work of production and management, scientific research and development, strict management, assets vitalization, risk management, both old and new. At last, General Manager XuJian, put forward some related requirements for the next stage reform work.