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Xun Huanzhong, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of State-owned Key and Large Enterprises, Carries Out Investigation and Research in JFMI

Pubtime:2017-01-03 BigMiddleSmall

  On December 5,Chairman Xun Huanzhong of the line, the board of supervisors of state-owned key and large enterprises,carried out investigation and research in JFMI, accompanied by Sun Miao, secretary of the board of directors of Sinomach.

  Chairman Xun Huanzhong of the line, inspected deeply the production line; listened to the report of company’s operation and management, development of reform, construction of internal control systems, party building, enterprise’s special projects and future development strategy programming; carried on the thorough exchange on relevant issues with the company leadership.

  For the future development of company, Chairman Xun Huanzhong had made directives and requirements: Firstly, facing the current problems existing in the enterprise, it needs to analyze the reasons objectively, prevent all aspects of risk comprehensively, and develop effective solutions actively, by deepening the reform to promote enterprise onto the road of healthy development as soon as possible. Secondly, it needs to be concerned about the enterprise development direction of the market demand and to define the market positioning. Thirdly, it needs to strengthen the enterprise management work, especially, in the scientific research and production management, it should strive to up to the steps and improve the standardization and systematization. Fourthly, it needs to attach importance to enterprise strategic planning, strategic analysis should be down to earth, strategic management should be implemented, strategic control should be made great efforts.

  17 deputy director Li Xiaonan, section level full-time supervisor Zhang Jing, assistant section level full-time supervisor Wang Feng , of the board of supervisors, accompanied for the investigation and research in JFMI.