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JFMI Held the "Learning & Being" Education Mobilization Meeting

Pubtime:2016-07-27 BigMiddleSmall

    On April 29, the Party Committee of JFMI held the education mobilization meeting of "Learning Party Charters and Regulations and Learning Speeches & Being a Qualified Party Member", and actively implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping as well as the requirements and deployment of China National Machinery Industry Corporation on the education of "Learning & Being". More than 30 people in total attended the meeting including the leadership members, the Party Committee members, members of various Party Branches, communists of middle-level cadres, members of the education coordination and leading group, as well as members of work group.

  At the meeting, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Zhang Bo conveyed the important instructions spirit of General Secretary Xi, Jinping on the education of "Learning & Being", the speech spirit of Liu Yunshan on education symposium of "Learning & Being", and spirit of education mobilization and deployment meeting of China National Machinery Industry Corporation on "Learning & Being".

    Liu Jiaxu, Secretary of the Party Committee, made mobilization and deployment on the education of "Learning & Being". He pointed out that carrying out the education is favorable to activating the Party spirit of communists, building sold root-level fort, and consolidating the Party's governing root. So it deserves strong responsibilities and will have profound effect and will bring practical significance in enhancing the building of Party cadres team and providing services for central work. He emphasized that the Party Committee, various Party Branches, and all the other communists should, according to the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the Party Committee of China National Machinery Industry Corporation and taking trying to be pioneers by hard work and obtaining perfect results by improving quality and efficiency as subject, combine the education with running the Party strictly in all aspects, the implementing the consensus of conducting commitment to business by obeying rules and jointly creating splendid future of China National Machinery Industry Corporation, and doing well in various work related to the production and operation, so as to obtain achievements to realize the determined goals of JFMI.

    Considering the deployment requirements of China National Machinery Industry Corporation and actual situations of JFMI, Liu Jiaxu put forward the following four requirements. Firstly, we should take responsibilities level by level. We should stick to the leadership of leaders, and taking the actual situations as base to provide different guideline according to various categories. Secondly, we should enhance the organizational guarantee. We should take more efforts in work related to Party affairs, improve work team with enough and skilled staff, and perfect working system, so as to ensure that the education of "Learning & Being" is under management. Thirdly, we should conduct publicity and guidance. We should, by utilizing multiple forms including the website, OA system, and billboards of JFMI and WeChat, etc., conduct publicity of the contents of "Learning & Being", reflect the learning trends on the education of JFMI and various Party Branches, exchange good practices and experience, and actively guide communists to conduct autonomous learning and exchange by CPC website and WeChat so as to enlarge education coverage, and build a good whole atmosphere. Fourthly, we should implement the requirements of grasping learning daily and being strict at all time. We should take Party Branch as basic unit, organizational life as basic form, the implementation of education and management system for communists as basic support, so as to well organize and conduct the education firmly.


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