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CNC Laser Processing Equipment

  The laser cutting machine series products are mainly used for laser cutting of flat plates, three-dimensional molding parts, profiles and pipes made from 0.5-30mm ferrous metals ( Q235A and Q345, etc.) or 0.5-20mm non-ferrous metals (e.g. stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy and copper alloy, etc.). According to differentwidth sizes and types of metal sheets to be cut, these products are divided into:
  1. Exchange table-type standard table model. This is applicable for metal plate cutting of various standard size plates to be used on electric elevator, steel structure, high and low-voltage electric cabinet industry, etc.;
  2. Extra-large width size ground rail model. This is applicable for flat plate cutting of large-size metal plates to be used in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and ship industry, etc.; 
  3. Three-dimensional laser cutting mode. This is applicable for blanking cutting of various three-dimensional metal molding parts to be used in new energy automobile, electric vehicle, heavy-duty truck and other industries; 
  4. Laser pipe cutting model. This is applicable to cutting of various pipes and profiles to be used in storage shelf, fitness equipment and hoisting machinery industry, etc.; 
  Main technical characteristics: 
  1. High technical configuration, full-automatic operation, less manpower intervention and adjustment; 
  2. Rapid speed, high precision, stable and reliable quality; 
  3. Thirty years R&D experiences, mature technology and rich processing technologies applicable for various plates. 
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