Sales service

  1. Complete set of clean, high-efficient, green casting equipment company

    Sales hot-line:0531-87979142/9161

    Service hot-line:0531-87979142

  2. High-end CNC uncoiling and leveling production line and ring rolling machine company

    Sales hot-line:0531-87979299

    Service hot-line:0531-87979179

  3. CNC stamping, shearing and bending company

    Sales hot-line:0531-86521037

    Service hot-line:0531-87521038

  4. Complete set of high-end auto girder equipment company

    Sales hot-line:0531-87979187

    Service hot-line:0531-87521235

  5. CNC laser processing equipment company

    Sales hot-line:0531-86521037

    Service hot-line:0531-86521281

  6. Foreign trade corporation

    Sales hot-line:0531-87979154

    Service hot-line:0531-86521036

  7. Hydraulic equipment company

    Sales hot-line:0531-87979263

    Service hot-line:0531-87979258

  8. Manufacturing company

    Service hot-line:0531-86521129